Business strategy

In order to contribute to the success of the energy transition from fossil-based to zero-carbon sources by the second half of this century, CNGR has implemented a strategy of “technology diversification, globalisation, digitalisation of operations, industrial sustainability”…

Animated illustration CNGR strategy and vision
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Mission statement

To be a champion for the development of the new sources of energy industry, and in particular to make a significant contribution to the development of advanced batteries…

Our vision

To be the world’s most valuable service provider in the advanced battery materials industry…

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Product Portfolio

Stabilising raw material supplies

Sudden and large increases in demand can lead to imbalances in the supply of raw materials…

Cost control

Raw materials used to produce precursors account for more than 90% of operating costs…

Recycling of used batteries

Through mutually beneficial cooperation with domestic and overseas enterprises, CNGR has established a global recycling industrial chain…


With a long-term vision to become the most valuable provider of precursor cathode active materials (pCAM) for the battery industry and related services, CNGR continuously focuses on sustainable development.

Clean energy

Responsible Sourcing

Social commitment

High quality products