CNGR: global company, global team

As a leading global company of the fortune 500, CNGR strives to attract and develop the best talents.
What do we mean by talents? At CNGR we focus on the culture, the character and the capacities of our teams. We believe that we have to share common goals and spirit to succeed in this adventure to create a better life for human beings in the new energy industry. Personality and capacity of talents make them achieve the best results together when they share the same culture.

CNGR offers a diverse work environment to empower and motivate talents: attract talents, offer them career plans, cultivate our employees through practice and learning, create  opportunities from which they can benefit.

With close to 18 different nationalities employed by CNGR in Europe, USA, and Asia, CNGR brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and professional experiences.

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CNGR encourages its talents to be innovative and take initiatives to embrace the new energy revolution and thrive within a range of opportunities and exciting projects.
By reducing carbon emission, powering the vehicles of tomorrow, and giving a new life to used material, CNGR mission offers to talents a great opportunity to build a better life for human beings.

Continuous learning and training

CNGR offers exciting and innovative professional development opportunities through training programs. Within its multicultural and multinational work environment, the company also provides talent management tools.

These includes career development plans for  those with high potentials, in order to stimulate their growth and develop targeted competencies and skills.

Continuous learning

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Social commitment

CNGR also promotes equal rights for men and women within the company, freedom, dignity & respect for the human person, safety as well as social progress & responsibility.

The company aligns with the International Labor Organization (ILO) labor standards, values, and rights.

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Join CNGR and make a difference

Working at CNGR grants you a unique opportunity to work in a multicultural dynamic environment and contribute to the use of green energy towards a sustainable future.

Based on the 3C “Culture-Character-Capacity” philosophy, CNGR welcomes talents from all around the world. We look for people who are passionate about unlocking the potential of green energy and seeking to pursue their careers in an innovative and continuously learning context.

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