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Innovation, exploration,and diversified technology; win-win, ecologization, sustainable development.
From 2014 to 2024, from regional to international, the technological, global, and modernization aspects are becoming the main goals of CNGR’s development.
“A sustainable new energy materials technology company” is gradually becoming the new international brand image of CNGR.
On the occasion of our 10th anniversary, CNGR international video is officially premiering now!

CNGR at a glance

Since its establishment, CNGR company has been committed to participating in the development of the new sources of energy, contributing to the creation of a better life for mankind, promoting the use of advanced materials, supporting the global dissemination of sustainable energy, and achieving sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

CNGR Advanced Materials was established in China in September 2014. After nearly 10 years of development, the company has become the world’s leading supplier of precursor materials (pCAM) for cathode active materials (CAM) and related services for the battery related industries (recycling …)

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Since its inception, CNGR’s pCAM products have been used by many leading companies in the battery materials supply chain and are indirectly used by millions of people worldwide in their daily lives.

These products include high voltage tricobalt tetraoxide and pCAM precursors for ternary cathode materials through mutually beneficial collaborations with LG Chem, POSCO, SK On, L&F, CATL, Samsung and other leading global companies.

Our products are used in the world’s high-end smartphone terminals, electric vehicles (EV) and battery energy storage (BES), among others. Over the past three years, the company’s core products, ternary precursors and tricobalt tetraoxide, have been the top-selling products every year until this year.

CNGR aims to build a global integrated structure with vertical integration of raw ore smelting, raw material refining, precursor production and advanced battery material recycling to serve global customers.

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Business strategy

In order to contribute to the success of the energy transition from fossil-based to zero-carbon sources by the second half of this century, CNGR has implemented a strategy of “technology diversification, globalisation, digitalisation of operations, industrial sustainability”, which enables the company to support the supply of advanced materials to the booming battery sector, to provide advanced services to battery related industries, including recycling, and to make a significant contribution to global sustainable development efforts.

Corporate culture

Mission statement

To be a champion for the development of the new sources of energy industry, and in particular to make a significant contribution to the development of advanced batteries, which are essential to the success of the energy transition, thereby contributing to the development of a better life for mankind.

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Our vision

To be the world’s most valuable service provider in the advanced battery materials industry.

  • CNGR has always fully promoted green and low-carbon in R&D, production and operation to continuously provide green new materials for advanced batteries and establish a cost-effective recycling system for used batteries.
  • CNGR’s team adheres to the business philosophy of "Customers First, Pursue Perfection", not only to provide customers with the highest quality products, but also to tailor a complete set of service solutions for customers worldwide.
  • CNGR will further expand its production capacity and rapidly turn scientific research achievements into mass-produced products.

Core values


CNGR's firm commitment to being part of the energy transition means tackling real challenges. The company's management focuses on industry best practices and employee performance. CNGR expects its team members to be attentive to achieving rigorous goals and effective results, while instilling a sense of accountability.

Mutual benefit

CNGR adopts a “Customers First” approach to build a multi-party collaborative platform and make outstanding contributions to the success of its customers, suppliers and employees. The company believes that this interdependent ecosystem promotes the efficient use of resources and maximises value creation in a win-win spirit.

Our 4 core values


CNGR continually encourages the creativity of its teams. The company motivates its employees to apply new ideas, technologies, methods and processes to actively participate in the energy transition revolution. CNGR continues to innovate in human resource management and streamline the operational organisation to stimulate innovative thinking.

Moving forward

CNGR's teams always see the glass as full rather than empty and view challenges as opportunities to excel and learn. The company encourages its teams to take initiatives to be innovative leaders.

Our history

June 2023

POSCO Group and CNGR combine their expertise and resources by signing a JV agreement to establish in Korea the first ever integrated refining and precursor industry in a Free Trade Agreement country with the United States. The JV strengthens CNGR’s globalisation ambitions.

Mars 2023

Southern China Quinzhou Industrial Base first CNGR’s “Zero Carbon Factory” certified by the world’s leading inspection and certification company SGS (ISO 14064-3:2019).

December 2022

CNGR Kaiyang integrated iron phosphate industrial base became operational.

October 2022

CNGR’s first overseas industrial base in Kabupaten Morowali, Indonesia became operational. It was the first time in the world to industrialize the OESBF technology to produce nickel matte, opening a new channel from the resource end to the new energy industry.

May 2022

CNGR Finland was established.

December 2021

CNGR Qinzhou Industrial Base was put into production.


CNGR shares officially listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange.


The second industrial base of CNGR, Ningxiang facility started operation.


The first industrial base of CNGR, Tongren Industrial Base, was put into production.


CNGR Advanced Material Co., Ltd founded in China.

CNGR showroom presenting CNGR history and devlopment


CNGR teams World map